Posted by: chiltoo | May 21, 2007

May 2007

I just finished reading a very interesting and thought provoking book titled “Cytonics , a mystery of the living cell” by a pioneering researcher & invertor… Dr. Rajah Vijay kumar , residing in Bangalore , India

In this lucid ,path breaking book , Dr Vijay kumar explores the little known subject that our bodies are not just composed of matter but is also a store house of energy that orchestras the organs right down to the minute cells to produce the symphony of life.

This book gives us glimpses that our body is indeed an electronic system that uses electricity & magnetism to regulate the various functions . “Cytonics” or “cellular electronics” would some day become a new branch of science and this book is the first that explores the parallels between electronic principles and living cell . The author has specialised in Medical Engineering and discusses in this book the principles of “Rotational Field Quantum Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ( RFQNMR) , a device he has recently patented.

Weaving together stimulating ideas , bio-resonance communication bio-electric control system . the book discusses the present and future application of this technology both in medicine ( for healing and life affirming purpose) and military in what is termed as “invisible warfare” ( for destruction and life negating purposes).

In a real sense , the RFQMR is “ Einsteinian” since it was Einstein’s discovery that provided insights to understand how energy and matter interact. RFQMR can be thought of as a “ new non-toxic electronic non-invasive drug” for treatment of Osteoarthrites for stimulating Aniogenetic Growth Factor (AFG) and promoting peripheral pro-angiogensis as well as retarding AFG to promote Anti-angiogensis in Cancer .

At present the RFQMR is being used in experimental studies to halt the progress of cancer. The book discusses the electronics of cancer cell and cites studies that indicate that healthy cell have higher intercellular potassium , lower intracellular sodium and higher electrical cell membrane potential , whereas cancer cell have higher sodium , lower potassium and lower cell membrane potential. Other studies have indicated that the Electronic Cellular Matrix (ECM) around tumour cell is acdic ( by definition tissue are electronic deficient) . The book explains that measures like RFQMR that increases electron availability help some people with chronic degenerative conditions ( associated with tissue acidity) and cancer get better and also that awareness of such findings give credence to nutritional approaches to cancer such as Dr. Max.B.Gerson who during his medical career advocated low sodium intake and high potassium supplementation through use of raw vegetable juices.

The book presents the preliminary data on the phase I clinical trials on sixty terminal cancer patients who were accepted for this trial after the doctors had exhausted all conventional modalities of treatment like surgery , chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer and had been given only a few week or months to live . The RFQMR causes inactivation of the rouge cell resulting in “apoptosis” ( cell suicide). As the cells die , a cycle of progressive cell death sets and the tumour exposed to RFQMR undergoes “necrosis” . The initial results presented in the book appears promising and further effort and time would be needed to complete the full trial .

The book also discusses the use of RFQMR for generation of human cartilages in Osteoarthrites phase I study on 40 patients the results of which are published in the Indian Journal of Aerospace Medicine. Phase II trials have recruited 250 patients who have been followed up by MRI to measure the cartilage thickness . The results so far , we are told , are nothing short of being amazing!

The author discusses the use of RFQMR for stimulating AFG to promote formation of new blood vessel in the heart . Myocardial Angiogenesis was the first application visualised for RFQMR as way back in 1986 , but regeneration of cartilages was then thought as a better starting point. The candidates who would be accepted for these future trials would be only those with severe coronary artery disease and where traditional medicines management ( like angioplasty , coronary artery bypass or intravascular stenting) cannot be used to adequately treat the candidates condition.

The book also discusses the use of “Whole body” RFQMR in suppression of stressor’s reaction . Ascorbic acid ( popularly called Vitamin C) is the key to antioxidant neuroendocrine and immune mechanism of stress adaptation and RFQMR causes ascorbic acid and serotonin to increase nearly two folds by 21st day of exposure. Pain is a major stressor and pain inhibition has been consistently found by exposure to RFQMR in terminal cancer patient during the phase I trials .

The book also address the harnessing of the electromagnetic spectrum by certain nations for malicious intent from the crudest armaments like electromagnetic flame thrower using power short UHF wavelength to electromagnetic pulses ( EMP) produced by nuclear explosions. In the late 50’s and 60’s USA & Soviet experiments were done to induce muscular weakness and lethargy . In addition to damaging or killing people with EMR , these nations have experimented with several ways for controlling behaviour and changing instincts and emotions. The book ends with a cautionary note that manipulation of the electromagnetic environment could be a more serious threat to our survial than nuclear weapons , as it can strike at the very core of life itself by setting in motion irreversible changes leading to our extinction even before we are aware of them . Our very survival , he says , depends on up-right scientist and other people of goodwill to break the nexus between military, industry and policy maker who would use this technology for their own selfish purposes instead of using them for the larger benefit of man-kind.

The book provides extensive resources for interested readers to further explore the subject. All in all this book is a thought provoking one and is must read for professional working in the field of electronics and medicine.

Expect more information in the future , about this little known research that has been going on at Bangalore , India


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